Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Herbs and Spices

Any kitchen that prepares their meals from raw ingredients knows the benefit of a few herbs and spices in the cupboard. Restaurant kitchens often have an extensive arsenal of dried seeds, leaves, roots, flowers, barks and berries. Storing them becomes increasingly important when they are used so often. At Park Kitchen, we have a very open kitchen where the guests can see just about everything. I spent several years looking for the right container for our spice rack, which seemed like an eye sore in our otherwise tidy and presentable kitchen.

I finally found these great containers at Consolidated Plastics, a science lab supply company. They neatly accomodate the one pound increments that commercial herbs and spices are sold in, they have a wide lid that is easy to measure from, they are wide so you can reach the bottom with a tablespoon, and they also have convenient indentations for gripping. In short, they are everything I was looking for. Of course, I wouldn't recommend buying or storing spices in these quantities for a home kitchen. By the time you made it to the bottom, their potency would be a shadow of its former glory.

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